Shit just got serious, yo.

I mentioned in my first post here that things were becoming pretty tight.

“Tight” just got to “suffocating”. Had a bad night for sleep last night (with all that implies), and when I finally got hungry enough to lever myself to a vertical position and head to the kitchen, noticed a piece of paper under my door.

Well, that piece of paper – three, actually – bears the words “Notice of Termination”, namely, my lease, if I don’t get the rent caught up by the 20th. It looks nice right beside the e-mail from my ISP saying much the same thing about my access to the net. And sitting on top of my not-working laptop (I’m still using a loaner, having failed to get the resources to fix it, but the loaner won’t be available forever). Without laptop and net, I’ve got no access to my workspace or clients.

So, I made the long trek over Mount Embarrassment to the Post Office here in Beggars’ Hollow, to make the clichéd plea for help.

As in, “Help, and how I need some.”

I’m about CAD700 from caught up on the two things. Another CAD100 or so from making my laptop work.

When the risk was just “my landlord is annoyed at me”, I could manage it. But when the risk is, “winter is coming and shelter is going”, I cannot manage it.

So here I present a new and temporary feature at Fullmetal Feminist, being the Donation button. I wouldn’t be asking if I had any other options. My family of origin sent me on my way twenty years ago, when I transitioned (“don’t call us, we’ll call you”; they didn’t). My family of choice are out of resources to spare. I have no credit.

EDIT: Great. I can’t figure out how to get the button to work. Perfect day. If you’re able to help, please e-mail PayPal or questions to the gmail of “eharte66”, which is my addy, and i’ll try and figure out why the @(*#ing button doesn’t work.

I’ve applied for “Ontario Works”, the ghastly euphemism for welfare hereabouts, as part of the path to claiming for disability. Yes, 26 years after my accident, I’m finally going to admit I’m disabled enough to ask for help from my fellow citizens. Not an easy thing; my cultural stiff upper lip has stopped speaking to me, because it’s embarrassed too. But ODSP takes six months at the best of times, and as these things go with governments, usually requires an appeal to get it to happen. By that time, I’ll be running an eye over local bridge abutments for my housing needs.

So there it is. I hope you can help, so we can make the button go away. Please? I simply have no other options.

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