The Doctor’s Doctor!

Today’s my “birthday”, or at least the one I celebrate publicly; the day I had my surgery some years ago. I call it “Muffing Day”.

So, my partner (who arrived today) got me a Muffing Day present, and I love it SO MUCH. We both really love work by Megan Lara, who does a whole bunch of fan art stuff that’s top-notch, as well as her own art (she’s talented and sells relatively inexpensively! buy lots!). Today’s gift was of my favourite of the New Who companions, Martha: The Doctor’s Doctor. She’s brilliant, gorgeous, leaves on her own terms, doesn’t pine after him when he’s gone from her life, and she’s a real DOCTOR. How bad-ass is that? The references in the background are of various shows: Smith & Jones with hospital on the moon/Judoon platoon, Cybermen from when Freema played Martha’s “cousin” in S2’s Rise of the Cybermen / Age of Steel season-ender, the pocketwatch from Human Nature / Family of Blood with Ten’s distinctive sonic behind it and, in her hand, the Osterhagen Key from S4’s The Stolen Planet / Journey’s End.

I has squeeful on my shirt. Yay! Happy Muffing Day!

2 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Doctor!

  1. Thank you very much. šŸ™‚

    Honestly, it’s hard to believe it’s been nine years already. It seemed like it took forever and ever to get there (12 yrs from transition to Thailand), but…wow, what a difference in my life. In my emotional state. In my ability to cope. In wisdom and learning ability and so much more, all from no longer feeling emotionally at war with my very existence. If they ever get around to properly studying trans* people, I would be they find that our nations could gain a surprising amount of net economic benefit from helping us to get sorted out as soon as possible. Instead of being a drain on the state, sometimes in the form of sex work and interactions with the law, with violence against us and its costs in police time and energy (ok, not much of that, honestly, as they’re not putting much into it now) and in health care, with the ability to be more productive and hold better jobs if our rights are protected, and so on. It’s very much a nose-excision-face-spiting sort of antagonism towards us. :/

    I should make that a post, shouldn’t I? I think I will.

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