Some links I nicked from Miri and some of my own

In a way, it’s Miri (the Professional Fun-Ruiner!) who has prodded me back to blogging, for which I’m endlessly grateful. But beyond that wonderful act, she also does these occasional link round-ups which are generally chock-full of more than your Recommended Daily Allowance of Vitamin GR (Good Reading).

Viz., these ones which I am blatantly stealing from her (but she has more than these, so read hers too!):

Male Atheists and White Knight Sexism from Libby Anne’s Love Joy Feminism (content note: sexism, misogyny, anti-religious bigotry);

Men Need Clothes, Women Need to Look Sexy in Clothes from Lisa Wade, PhD, at Sociological Images (content note: sexist imagery);

So You Think You May Have Been Blocked on Twitter from Mitchell Greenbaum at Research to be Done (content note: MRA talking points, amid a veritable lake of snarktacular sarcasm well-aimed at harassers);

Why You Need to Quit Calling Homophobes Closet Cases from Aoife at Consider the Tea Cosy (content note: homophobia, trans* gatekeeping);

1983 The Year That Almost Didn’t End from Marc Ambinder of The Compass (content note: nuclear war)

Saudi Arabia’s War on Witchcraft from Ryan Jacobs of The Atlantic magazine (content note: racism, misogyny, cruel legal punishment, capital punishment);

and last, but a long way from least,

A Little More on Diversity, Body Size & Lingerie by yogi (and friend) Torie from Anytime Yoga.

Some really good, interesting reading in there if you’ve got some time. Anyone got anything you think I should read? Drop a comment, I’m always up for more brainfood.

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