Some blogs I like

Well, it won’t be surprising if the first I mention is Shakesville, Liss McEwan’s fantastic site of feminism. Besides being a friend whom I value highly, Liss is one of the most cogent, incisive, and downright readable feminists I’ve ever read. I cannot number the things I have learned from her, from the other contributors, from the fabulous Shaker commentariat, or from the hundreds of links to excellent writing and writers I’ve found there: about rape culture, and fat hatred, and eliminationist behaviours, and the ongoing process of being a good ally. There is also an amazingly useful Feminism 101 section, with pointers to a wide range of topics, and lots of strong, insightful writing in it.

On the topic of racism and the fighting thereof, there are a myriad of good sites. Some of my favourites include The Gradient Lair, Racialicious, We Are Respectable Negroes, Angry Asian Man, and Colorlines.

For chronic pain and disability, there’s my fellow Ontarian Ania at Scribbles and Rants, Mitchell at Research to be Done, and Erin at geeky gimp. Definitely interested in more good writing here, if anyone’s got any good links.

I don’t have much in the way of good links about depression, particularly, largely because people who are in it tend not to be prolific writers, for self-evident reasons. Miri’s Brute Reason and Jen’s Blag Hag are both somewhat focused on depression, and both can be quite useful in terms of resources as well as good writing. 

Shining Artifact of the Past writes about the plight of asylum-seekers, particularly in the UK but also covering other countries and situations as they come up. 

I’m interested in any links you might have, particularly if they’re in not-English, even better if they’re in one of {French, German, Japanese, Russian, or Spanish}. Good writing that also lets me exercise my language skills will always have my interest.

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