Comics about depression

Saw this at buzzfeed after a friend sent me the link in e-mail. I don’t know why I’m always shocked when i see that other people experience depression in ways that are so, so familiar to me. I guess it’s the nature of the problem, that I tend to think I’m all alone in far more ways than I actually am. 

comics that capture the frustrations of depression

Also, à propos de rien (ha! as if), I’ll try and get responses to your comments on the S1E2 SPN episode from yesterday, but I’m having a bad brain day. Those happen. Did read ’em, did enjoy ’em, can’t find my spoons is all. 

5 thoughts on “Comics about depression

    • Sorry! Didn’t mean to make tears. Though I’ve been face-leaking more than usual lately myself. If I weren’t a skeptic, I’d say Neptune’s doing the Harlem Shake in the fourth house on the left after the third set of lights, or something.

      And if I didn’t have better taste in comedy, I’d have said “Uranus” instead of Neptune.

      Oh crap. I guess I’m tasteless.

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