Back Again, Part II: The Ensequeling

Well, it’s like this, see. I’ve finally got some meds that I think are making my brain work a little better. Scary perhaps that it’s an antipsychotic, but still, if it helps, I don’t care. Lots of little signs that the depression may be lifting a little, not going to go into them all, but the fact that I’m writing here is one of them.

Should see a flurry of posts in the next few days, as I’ve been sitting on a number of topics, and wanting to get them written, for the last week or so. I’ve got stuff for all three blogs – here at Fullmetal, and over at TheExpansionBoard and TheGaffersABird as well.

You can expect posts on Grand Theft Auto Online, and how I use it for cosplay, over at The Expansion Board, along with a second post on Firefly the board game. Came up with a delicious strategy on Saturday night, and I plan to outline it.

At The Gaffer’s A Bird, my blog specifically about Football Manager, I’ll be talking about team selection and match prep.

And here you can expect an update about disability stuff, a post about my voice, and a link update post. I’m also hoping to get back on the SPN bandwagon soon.

I hope that’s whetted the appetite a bit; I’m off to do some writing. Thanks for hanging in until things are getting a little better. I hope it will have been worth the wait. 😀

2 thoughts on “Back Again, Part II: The Ensequeling

  1. I sympathize with meds effecting writing. I was given amitryptoline for migraines (not unusual to prescribe depression meds for migraines, too bad it didn’t help my depression) and haven’t been able to write fiction for months. Fortunately, I’ve been able to fight through writing reviews, but it’s really disheartening to not be able to do what I love. I’ve just been switched to depacoate, and I’m hoping that will change.I hope your writing motivation continues to improve.

    My SPN reviews are now being posted at, if you are interested.

    • Definitely interested, thanks. I’m cautiously hopeful about the latest med combo. I think the dose may need to be up a bit, particularly in the winter months. But I find it hard to believe it’s February, my worst depressive month of the year usually, and of my life last year, and I’m actually writing, responding to people, having ideas for new posts and doing something about it, all kinds of unusual kookiness.
      I’m planning to sit down and watch a bunch of season 1 SPN in the next couple of days, line up some rewatch posts, because I really really really want to get to S4, specifically the one where Sam’s in the Panic Room, and hallucinating all the people in his life. How each of them represents an aspect of his personality, how there’s a Freudian behind the literariness of it (the hallucino-jin are id, ego, and superego in a really clear way), that kind of stuff.
      So I’m hoping to make myself get through the slow-moving earlier episodes, to get into the later stuff where they’ve become better actors and writers.

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