Hair Update

Well, since my last post, both I and Her Ex-Cellency* have been working on brushing out my hair. There were four notable mats forming: one on each side, one on the top, and one down by my neck. So far we’ve gotten through the neck one completely, and the right side and top side are nearly done. The left side (I’m right-handed) is the hardest, because it’s physically the most difficult for me to brush that side. But even it’s coming along somewhat, and my ponytail is back to reaching my bra strap again – loose hair gets closer to my waist. If we keep on at the rate we’ve been going, I should be able to have fully brushable dark green hair within a couple of months. I’ve been working my way down the spectrum, started with purple (very popular), did blue (popular, but not as much as my “natural purple”), now green is up.

Had an interesting seed of an idea this morning, about a game combining deck-building with worker-placement mechanics to simulate elections. I dunno if it’s viable, but it’s going in my file of game ideas, and I always like getting more ideas.

There is your totally fascinating hair update. I’m writing about it as much to make myself get over the whole shame thing as anything else..

I’m actually thinking I might be able to get back to Supernatural soon, been dragging through the 10th season, subsisting on the occasional gem, but thinking the show looks tired and kinda out of material. Still, there’s plenty of meat left to look at in my re-watch, and we’re almost out of the doldrums of the strictly monster-of-the-week-ness of the first part of S1.

* My ex-partner, with whom I still have a close relationship; we were together for eleven years, and raised three kids together (two of them her bio kids, one foster daughter). We broke up nine years ago, but still talk daily.

6 thoughts on “Hair Update

  1. I want purple hair.

    It wouldn’t (or won’t, since I may very well do it anyway) suit my complexion at all…but I do love me some rich, royal purple!

    • My hair is of a particular grey that soaks up dye like a sponge. There are some pictures around, maybe at flickr, which show my purple. I’m looking forward to the green very much. 🙂

  2. As soon as my hair goes substantially gray, I am going to go wild. 🙂

    A few years ago for Halloween (freak out with your geek out; hell yeah!), I tried dying part of it cobalt blue. The plan was for a black under-story with the blue at the top, and the middle a progressive mix of the two—sort of a proto-ombre. My hair refused to take the blue dye—but the black went on like a dream, and lasted for months.

  3. I was looking at your hair pictures. I love your wavy hair! Much better than my limp-straight hair.

    The hair is always greener on the other side of the fence, I guess.

    • Thanks! I’m lucky there, it’s the only remnant of that !Kung lady in my ancestry, that gave my father an afro like his father’s before him, and my sister and I strongly curly hair. When it’s short, like in the blue hair pictures, it can get into proper triangle-headed secretary proportions. When it’s long, I can brush it into Hermione-like status (when I’m feeling down on myself, I call it Hagrid-like, rather than THE HERO OF THE BOOKS THANK YOU VERY MUCH – ahem). It’s like that now, after all the brushing, but it’s also making me way more happy this way. I need to cut it down some for summer, I think, or make sure to keep it brushed. It tangles like a basket of snakes.

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